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TDS meter Wikipedia.
Many TDS meters display the TDS in parts per million ppm; 1 ppm indicates 1 milligram of dissolved solids per kilogram of water. The terms EC and TDS are both often used to quantify the amount of dissolved solids in water. Pure H 2 O has virtually zero conductivity. Conductivity is usually about 100 times the total cations or anions expressed as equivalents. TDS is calculated by converting the EC by a factor of 0.5 to 1.0 times the EC, depending upon the levels. TDS Meters edit. The only accurate way of measuring TDS is to evaporate the water and weigh the solid residue. The TDS level can be estimated by measuring the EC of the water with a meter and converting.
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Tds meter Onlineaquariumspullen.
Een Tds meter meet de PPM waarde en een eC meter met de geleidbaarheid in microsiemens. Met de onderstaande berekening is het mogelijk om de PPM waarde om te rekenen naar microsiemens. Om met de tds meter ec te meten: gemeten waarde ppm x 156, eC.
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Meditech TDS PPM Meter Meditecheurope.nl.
Wat is PPM? PPM staat voor Parts Per Million en betekend Deeltjes per miljoen. Dit wil zeggen dat de PPM waarde aangeeft hoeveel deeltjes er per miljoen deeltjes aanwezig zijn in een vloeistof. Waarvoor wordt de TDS PPM meter gebruikt?
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Ppm Meter: Amazon.com.
HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range, 1 ppm Resolution, / 3% Readout Accuracy. by HM Digital. Adequate" for testing water filters at home" By Alexander. This TDS meter is adequate for testing the water in your own home.
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Digital ppm Meter eBay.
Resolution: 1 ppm 0-999 ppm; 10 ppm 1000-9990 ppm. TDS Range0: 9990 ppm mg/L. A fun translucent blueTDS tester with high 0-9990 ppm range, Hold and Auto-off Functions. Power source: 2 x 1.5V. TDS Meter Digital LCD Tester Water Quality Filter Purity/Temp 0-9999 PPM.
Peak programme meter Wikipedia.
Joint research by CBS, NBC and Bell Labs found that using an experimental design of PPM with a relatively long integration time of 25 ms in the control of programme levels gave only a 1 dB advantage over the VU meter, in terms of average output level for a given amount of distortion.

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